It’s happened. Boris has just announced to the country we are officially not allowed to leave our homes except for obvious circumstances until further notice due to the international COVID-19 pandemic, following suit from other European countries.

Initial feelings are numbness. Last time I felt like this was the Brexit results but this is next level. Kids are in bed so protected from the announcement and gives us time to process.

My first reaction was to hug my wife and say we’ll get through this. Were fortunate to live with her parents in a shared property. At least they are close and we’re all together.

Next reaction was check on mum. She’s had a tough time this past year, first handling my sister’s mental illness combined with her own and caring for Gran, plus her partner tending to his ill father and family in Manchester. This will make things even harder. At least they are at the other end of the street. Not great that we can’t see each other but at least we know everyone is nearby.

At the moment, I’m still processing it all. But I do think blogging will help. Listening to Grumpy Old Geeks earlier, Jason suggested writing as it all goes towards future records for reference. It will also help me understand what’s happening and gather my thoughts in some shape or form.

These posts will probably be sporadic, if even consistent or coherent, but it feels like a good time to try it. Let’s see.