This week, I’m going to try something a little different by pulling in a weekly digest of tweets which includes a range of life, tech and side projects.

I’ve had an IFTTT recipe running for a few months now which automatically sends me an email highlighting my tweets from the past week. Ideally, I’d create a draft post automatically which I can then edit but I can’t find anything quickly and easily. For now, I’m just going to copy-paste them in but will look into it this week.

This got some great recommendations in the thread which I’ll be trying with some of our teams over the coming weeks.
Many upcoming conferences are planning to shift online – this is just one I’d encourage anyone to attend, especially as a leader in tech.
Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind but this was my satirical observation when the UK government started daily updates of progress.
For kids of all ages, it’s wonderful to see so many people giving away things for free entertainment with the family like this.
Entertainment and tech in one with Disney+ UK release approaching and the fact I don’t need extra devices to support it on the family TV
More Disney/Pixar joy, this time with some side-by-side comparison of Toy Story 4 animations.
Disappointing it’s come to this but expected – we’ll definitely need to work out an alternative challenge soon (maybe September) but at least our training contributed towards the distance.
The new Linksys mesh network is definitely coming in useful as the whole family are online and streaming through the day.
I had to laugh at this home tech support call – it turned out his headphones were leaning on his keyboard forcing the boot-up screen.
Further home tech support efforts, this time getting Mrs J connected to her school Office & Teams account for home-schooling.
A new video-conference app is on the block which looks quite promising – but can it stand out amongst all the big boys?
I have to call out Dom’s latest side project pulling together fellow SEO tools together as a free COVID-19 special collection
The final episode of Make Life Work S2 has been worked on this past week before I take a break to refuel and review where to take it next.
Another shout-out to Defected for hosting their first virtual festival at Ministry Of Sound, pulling together my ideal roster for hours of house music delights.
For those who watch Gogglebox on Channel4, Pete and Sophie are great contributors, constantly making the nation smile. It was lovely to see them LIKE my suggestion too – maybe they’ll do it?
All the major sports competitions are on hold until further notice but F1 have ceased the opportunity to embrace e-sports – can’t wait to see where this takes it.
A brief reminder entertainment can be educational and TED have tons of content to digest. Try learning something for 30 minutes a day as well.