Measure team health more rapidly and regularly with this simple framework

Capture five dimensions with a simple form

In 2022, I created a simple new framework to help engineering teams become more aware of their overall health called PETALS. We identified and simplified to 5 key dimensions that influence team health:

  • Productivity
  • Enjoyment
  • Teamwork
  • Learning
  • Stress (or Serenity)

By scoring each dimension out of 5, we can calculate Averages for that individual or across a team of scores. This then creates a simple PETALS 🌸 visualisation using a RAG (Red, Amber, Green) colour scheme for rapid observability and continuous improvement discussions.

Professional Efficient Teams Always Learning Skills

Check out the original Product On A Page and thorough explanation on EM Hub.

Interested to know more? Reach out to me for a one-on-one PETALS workshop to discuss and provide ongoing support.

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Tool Kit

🌸 Use the PETALS data capture Google form and PETALS responses Google Sheet with your own teams.

👥 Join the PETALS group on LinkedIn to see how others are using the framework and contribute your thoughts.


How do you gather the data – is it self reported or observed (or both)?

Data is gathered anonymously through an online form (Microsoft or Google) which populates an worksheet (Excel or Google) for analysis, and only available to the team for self-reflection.

How do you set the numbers (e.g. what’s level 2 stress vs a level 3)

Numbers aren’t defined, more subjective to the individual, but we provide guides for 1 and 5 extremes (e.g. ENJOYMENT 1 is sad, 5 is ecstasy)

Is this a private metric or so you share with other team members or aggregate for a team health metric?

Metrics are team-wide but anonymised and limited to them only. It’s not for other teams to compare (although leadership could compare at a higher-level “garden” view to identify any trends)

How do you plan to use this in your day-to-day management conversations?

Conversation is focused in team meetings (retros, standup, etc) but when discussing with other management, we can identify any factors or actions that can help the team.