I have a problem with the new Microsoft logo. Let me explain…

Yes, there are a numer of reasons to condone the redesign, appreciate the injection of colour to reflect the new Metro visual language, respect the modern, elegant feel of the new typeface Segoe.

But I have a problem with the icon.

The lack of depth or perspective  feels inconsisent with other recent designs by the Redmond giant.

Windows 8 simplified the legacy windows frame into a single-toned icon, skewed along the horizontal axis.

Office maintains the skewed appearance, this time creating an “O” from the door and box symbol.

The Xbox branding hasn’t changed much from the original but maintains the 3D feel with the broken sphere.

The new Microsoft frame icon lacks the depth I was expecting. It’s lovely to see the brand colours into a unified element but it’s missing that wow factor for me.

Am I reading too much into this? (Probably.) What are your thoughts?

On a side note, has anyone else spotted the “i” created in the negative space of the “ft”. Is this intentional or just coincidence?