It may seem a bit late in the year to be writing such a post about annual goals but it was something I considered last December that I never documented. My thinking is if I formally write them down, I’ll be more inclined to attempt them. So, here goes…

1. Get an article published ✔

I’ve worked in the web industry for over ten years now learning a lot along the way. I want to share some of that knowledge with my peers, not just on my blog but in a published medium.

2. Create an app

I’ve created many websites in the past but none of them are user generated. I want to address this by making an app for others to use, either in a web or native mobile form (probably the former). I’ve a few ideas in the pipeline so there’s no excuses there.

3. Redesign and release this website ✔

Like most designers, I redesign and redesign my own website that never get released. This year, I’m determined to release something, even if it starts with a very simple start. I’ve made good progress on a logotype-come-ligature concept so we’ll see where that goes.

4. Produce my first house track

I’ve been producing my house music podcast for seven years now but never produced my own track. Many friends and listeners of the show have asked so I think it’s time to take the plunge and see/hear what I can come up with.

5. Push Funky House Finesse forward

The podcast has built up a loyal following over the many years, downloaded by thousands every month and broadcast on a growing network of radio stations. I’m very proud with how it’s grown. I want to take it to the next level, get more exposure by syndicating it on more stations, possibly collaborate with some musical peers.

As each goal is reached, I’ll tick them off (the first one became a reality this month in .net magazine so that was relatively easy). I’ll be optimistic here. There’s no reason why all five can’t be done in 2012.