Anyone who knows me should also know I’m an avid Twitter-holic. Over the last six years, I’ve been through a number of different solutions to monitor and update Twitter, from the original IM client in Jabber to Adobe Air bridges to browser plugins to native apps. Needless to say, each move has introduced as many bug-bears as there are improvements.

For the last few years, I’ve been using Atebits Tweetie official Twitter Mac app. When Loren Brichter created the original app, he took into consideration all the beautiful user interactions associated with well-designed Mac apps and streamlined the Twitter user experience into something rather special. Unfortunately, like most acquisitions, it fell by the way side, losing touch with user’s needs and focussing more on business deliverables.

Over the last few months, I’ve  been using the stunning Tweetbot for my mobile (iOS) Twitter needs. As most users will agree, it is hands above the rest of mobile Twitter apps, an absolute joy to use (and listen to). The user experience is thoroughly thought out and well executed, highlighting some largely desired features missing in many desktop apps.

Whilst I long for Tapbots to create a Mac version (wishful thinking, I realise), I decided to evaluate some of the options available for the Mac desktop.

View the Twitter Apps for Mac Comparison Table

Bear in mind, these are my personal requirements. I’m sure other people use Twitter in different ways with different needs.

(Some people have even questioned my desire for custom short URLs. I like to own my data where possible, hence why I setup with YOURLS to manage my own short links. I appreciate it’s extraneous redirects with Twitter directing all traffic via but each to their own.)

If you know of any other options I’ve missed that may fulfil my requirements, send me a tweet so I can add it to the comparison chart.