Through November 2022, I’m taking on the 100 Push Up Challenge to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

I’ve always struggled with push-ups, rarely completing over 20 in a personal training session. This feels like a decent challenge that is possible if I break it down to enough sessions throughout the day but not easily. This is going to take some serious effort and determination.

I’ll be documenting progress through November, starting on the 1st and all the way through to the 30th, mostly with video evidence on my Instagram Stories along with all my progress below.

Donate now directly to Cancer Research (and don’t forget to provide Gift Aid where possible).

Having lost family members and good friends to cancer, along with others I know personally who are suffering through it, this is a cause I am personally close to. I know many people take on these sort of fitness challenges for many charities so anything raised is hugely welcome.

Daily Progress

  1. 60 push-ups in 5 sessions
  2. 45 push-ups in 5 sessions
  3. 100 push-ups in 8 sessions using stairs
  4. 100 push-ups in 9 sessions using gym