Fun-packed month of birthday celebrations, dance music legends, conference-going, another podcast collaboration and feedback refinement at work.



  • Moshed along and partied with Blue Nation at their album launch party in Birmingham’s O2 Institute
  • Stopped running after knee pains and personal trainer advice, now focused on core and strength 
  • Blown away by Hamilton in London for Mrs J’s birthday
  • Devoured a proper Birmingham curry with friends and family for ALL THE BIRTHDAYS 
  • 19km trek and camping to Brook Meadow in torrential downpour for the boy’s birthday 
  • Laughed along to some upcoming comedians at Derby Comedy Club along with a night away in nearby Castle Donington Airbnb
  • Signed up for the Cancer Research UK 100 Push-up Challenge through November
  • Cancelled Netflix subscription for a few months (to consolidate outgoings) along with other excessive subscriptions


  • Said goodbye to the Birmingham office before moving to a new location
  • More training to Podcast Champs on how to produce and release episodes with Descript and Pinecast
  • Integrated PETALS data into team PowerBI dashboards with Nick for more visual feedback during retros, sharing with other EMs and agile coaches
  • Coaching conversations workshop focused on the GROW model
  • Finalised first round of objectives for FY23 with focus on engineer development plans, team health, more Tech brand work and further work on the EM competency
  • Presented and facilitated my Speedback model to the Engineering Manager Community for Tech Develops, followed by a new model for faster feedback on objectives using forms and regular reminders


  • The Invisible Man by HG Wells
  • Podcasting Made Simple by Daniel Larson
  • The War Of The Worlds by HG Wells


  • Solos on Prime
  • Night Sky on Prime
  • The Elon Musk Show on BBC
  • Backstage with Katherine Ryan on Prime
  • Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons on Netflix