Weekly 2023.12 talks career milestones, plenty PETALS, diving back into code and Race Across The World.

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Recorded on Friday 31 March 2023.

Admin (00:05)

  • No content next week (Easter holiday), back on 17th April
  • Also considering shifting the angle to more lessons learned – thoughts?

Work (00:57)

  • 2 years an EM back @ ASOS, approaching 10 years since joining
  • Working on PETALS feedback from other teams

Sides (02:21)

  • Released Make Life Work S10 finale with Malarkey and Dan Davies about the lost joy of web design
  • New drawer menu for mobile first experience plus minor design changes
  • 16 year old REWIND mix of Beautiful Beats

Tech (04:14)

  • Transferred FOOTBALL.COM domain to Cloudflare at cost (~£7.50/ / $9.15USD for 1yr .COM)
  • Setup holding page for PETALS.team on Netlify with Next.js

Entertainment (05:59)

  • 📺 Race Across The World on BBC (Season 1) ★★★★

Wrap Up (07:22)


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