Serendipitous water-cooler moments, sharing Make Life Work editing duties with Adrian and QI chargers for wired headphones.

This is Weekly 2023.11, recorded on Friday 24th March 2023.

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00:14 Admin

No major changes apart from the segue audio, using the standard music bed for consistency – any better?

01:02 Work

  • Serendipitous water-cooler conversations after office visit with some really useful outcomes – I miss them!
  • 6 mid-year reviews in a day – intense, especially back to back, but hugely satisfying

03:55 Sides

Adrian helping on Make Life Work production, first time I’ve let someone else loose on the edit – trust is key

05:29 Tech

QI charger for wired headphone use on iPhone

06:45 Entertainment

  • 🎬 Allelujah ★★★
  • 📺 The Peripheral on Prime ★★★

08:17 Wrap Up


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