Week 46 of 2020 brings Christmas, lightning talk, Singles Day, mug logo, Finesse merch, Frankie Knuckles, Truth Seekers, Jingle Jangle, Shagged Married Annoyed and Elizabeth Day.


  • Put the new fake tree up, why not?
  • (Also ordered a smart plug for easier light management)
  • Finished stripping the office wallpaper, now ready for decorating
  • Submit my lightning talk to Agile Northants on “shoehorning agile into waterfall”
  • Organised a couple Zoom socials in an attempt to “cheer up”
  • Tried to get support from APAC colleagues in the midst of a record Singles Day


Redesigned the Teach Mugs logo



4× 35min workouts

+3 (7min) on last week

7hr 55min sleep

+2min on last week

50 TickTick actions

+19 on last week

3hr 13min screen time

-7% on last week