Week 26 of 2020 brings a new hybrid format, focused Mac workflows, tech prep for turning 40, short email addresses, Glasto archives, DJ Cruze revival and Amy Winehouse.

What about audio versions of WeekNotes as a podcast? Read out the notes but also add a bit more commentary and ad-libbing for “natural” content. Would it be easier for me? Would anyone even listen? Think hybrid between the old Verbal Diary audio format (not as public) and regular WeekNotes text format (more formal). I’m going to give it a go for a few weeks to see how it turns out.



  • Back to Bear for outlining work
  • Dedicated work Apple account
  • Hiding menubar items with Vanilla


  • Birthday prep with Houseparty, Zoom and Spotify
  • Bathroom decor is finally done
  • Running 4km is better than nothing

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