This was the perfect way to start 2024, discovering the natural phenomena and beauty of Iceland with the kids, and even meeting up with old friend Brian.

Flight from Luton airport early Monday morning – New Years Day too so no heavy drinking on New Years Eve. Arrived about lunch time with plenty time to find our feet, settle into the area and plan out the week. Yummy Vietnamese food for everyone was reasonably priced for a family of four, about £80 on exchange rates.

Day 2 was spent driving around the Golden Circle sites of waterfalls, geysers and glaciers.

Day 3 at Perlan museum then a coffee with Brian followed by a personal tour around Reykjavik for food halls and tourist sights.

Day 4 at Sky Lagoon, soaking in the infinity pool overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with a cheeky beer from the pool bar.

Day 5 travelled back home to Luton with a quick pit-stop at Brian’s to exchange a few little gifts.

Pro Tips

  • Hire car from Blue Car Rental with discount code from – mini SUV for 5 days cost about £200 plus £110 insurance waiver for peace of mind. It’s much cheaper and flexible than the popular tour buses of the Golden Circle so you’re not limited to their strict schedules.
  • Use modern pre-paid bank accounts like Monzo or Starling for all your transactions to avoid international currency charges
  • Supermarkets are very expensive, even the budget options like Bónus cost more than average UK prices.
  • Alcohol is only available at licensed state-run stores like Vínbúðin but prices are higher than UK stores – stock up at duty-free
  • Eating out at restaurants is on a par with UK restaurants; we paid about £80 on a Vietnamese meal for 4, and similar at a trendy food hall with tacos and pizzas.
  • Use aurora forecast apps to check likelihood of seeing the Northern Lights, and use smart phone long exposure cameras to capture them
  • Perlan is a great indoor attraction with plenty scientific exhibitions including immersive Northern Lights and ice experiences – make sure you get a full 360 view from the roof-top deck too
  • Grótta light house is a brilliant location for catching the aurora lights
  • If you need a pharmacist, this Lyfja is open 24 hours