A last minute Easter getaway to the Norfolk coast for me, my girls and the fur baby. 

We found an Airbnb at Bell Aire (not that one!) holiday park, a cute little chalet in walking distance to the beach. It was basic and a reminder to check the fine print before you leave as we didn’t take towels – thankfully found some beach towels around the corner – and discovered the electric was on a meter so cooking our Easter roast when we got there went out the window. 

After a little stroll around the main stretch, we found a Chinese takeaway so we head home to enjoy that with a few drinks before an early-ish night. 

Check out was 10am so we had to get up relatively early. None of us slept well, even the dog struggled to settle, so we were all a bit bleary eyed after a bit of toast and naff hot drink (no cafetière for our fresh grind, only Nescrapè). 

After a decent coffee at a cafe, walk around the shops, bacon baguette and game of bowling where I scored a triple strike on the final frame – yep, it surprised me too and got a high five by the dad on the next lane – we then took to the beach for some sunbathing and hole digging then grabbed a (huge) ice cream each, even a tub for the dog. 

Then it was time for the boring 3 hour drive home. 

A short but enjoyable break with unexpected sunshine making the most of a mixed emotions of Easter weekend.