When I was at The Podcast Show in London last month, I joined a live recording of the Podnews Weekly podcast, hosted by James Cridland and Sam Sethi.

Having followed and listened to their podcast religiously for the past few years, I was actually fanboying at the opportunity to meet them properly IRL so made sure I attended.

When the topic of Spotify’s dominance in South American countries came up, James noticed me “shaking your head in an excellent way” if it was a surprise. Here were my thoughts:

I think it was the fact the Apple ecosystem is such an expensive entry level for most markets, whereas South America don’t have the finances that you might have in other areas of the world, so Spotify is a cheaper entry level for them.

Timestamp: 00:06:11


You can listen to the whole episode in your favourite (podcasting 2.0) app and all the details are on their website.