Learning Design Systems for PETALS

In this video, I go about learning the latest in Design Systems to get some ideas and inspiration for the PETALS app.


00:56 Toot for help
01:45 Current branding in Canva
03:08 Original onboarding UX flow
05:35 Sprout Social
07:08 Orbit
08:13 Atlassian Design System
22:40 Follow along


Toot for help: https://managingengineers.net/@si/111370888453459540
Sprout Social Seeds: https://seeds.sproutsocial.com
Orbit by Kiwi: https://orbit.kiwi
Atlassian Design: https://atlassian.design
Shopify Polaris: https://polaris.shopify.com
Material Design: https://m3.material.io
PETALS Newsletter: https://petals.team/newsletter

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  1. What I love about this post on @sijobling is that it was all automated from a YouTube upload, shared to my WordPress blog with an IFTTT recipe then syndicated to the fediverse. A nice big step towards #POSSE.

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