Nonsencial ramblings about the latest from tech, design and entertainment in regular videos.

Recorded and produced every few weeks, this is my opportunity to bring some topical content in a completely new format (for me) presented in full black-and-white video. Artsy, eh?

For the past ten years or so, I’ve been absorbed in tech and design, providing endless content in nuggets of information on Twitter. Initially, it was just a means for conveniently located personal records but it seems others show an interest. Four thousand odd followers can’t just be interested in beer photos, can they?

This is just another means for sharing content in a different format. It may or may not take off. For me, it’s an opportunity to play with a new media and work on my presentation skills.

All the videos are created with low-key tools; iPhone or iPad cameras and GoPro’s free Splice app posted straight to YouTube.

You can also subscribe to an audio podcast of the same content, free of my ugly mug, and lower in bandwidth for those of you on mobile data plans.

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