Yesterday, I was listening to Ken Weary from Hostaway talk to Aydin Mirzaee from on the Supermanagers podcast about how he leads teams of people.

One topic got on to the interview process and how they use the term “Culture Add” over “Culture Fit” on the behavioural stage, to explore what new people can bring to an organisation or team. It’s something we use at Rightmove as well which gave me a good sense of the culture during my early stages.

However, it got me thinking about the word “ADD” and whether that suggests it’s all about adding new ideas rather than refining and removing what already exists. Some compliments I’ve received since joining is the fact I’ve gelled really well with the teams, not enforcing too many new ideas but adapting and modifying what already exists.

Would something like “Culture Compliment” be a more suitable phrase? 🤲

Interested to hear others’ thoughts on this.