Khoi Vinh raised an interesting point last week about whether Apple’s products are built to last, even though the upgrade lifecycle of “fan boys” are ridiculously regular.

When I started my current job back in May 2008, I quickly acquired a MacBook Pro, top of the range back then. It was the wisest investment made considering the tools at my disposal and (then) travelling role between Birmingham and London.

Over 4 years, multiple knocks and 2 repairs on, it’s still performing beautifully. In that time, Apple have released four editions of the machine. Every time, I’ve reviewed the updates, considered the return on investment and let them pass.

Old Faithful continues to look at me adoringly, occasionally struggling under the strain, but she’s working. This may be her last year before I pass her on to another owner but she serves me well, allowing me to create valuable tools for the business.