A fortnight of COVID, much-needed weekend away in North Devon, career clarity for rest of FY22, pensions vs BTC, 5 podcast episodes released, loads of IFTTT and a new direction for football communities.


  • Dodged the office last week until family were Covid free
  • Productive day in the office last Thursday testing out the shiny new podcast recording equipment followed by an EM interview in an actual room with other people in 3D
  • Identified key focus areas for department (domain) wide objectives, mostly around measuring and improving team happiness and productivity (an ideal opportunity to trial my PETALS framework) 🌸
  • Started looking into a Coaching Level 5 qualification with a cohort of other EM’s
  • Handed over the reigns on our “emerging talent” initiative including a Tech Grad scheme revival now 3 other EM’s are helping


  • Long weekend in North Devon with Princess and Mrs J, surprising mum and enjoying the glorious weather on the coast
  • Booked in my prostate cancer blood test screening following a recommendation by my best mate
  • Took the boy out to shoot hoops, hopefully a new hobby we can enjoy together
  • Realised my pension portfolio across 3 providers has been steadily losing value over the past 3-6 months
  • Started exploring the potential in Bitcoin as an alternative asset investment
  • Re-evaluated kids’ ISA savings plans, comparing interest rates and ROI
  • Finished daily Wordle habit but tried Lewdle for a few days instead


  • Two more Make Life Work episodes with Shannon Almeida from Volv and Simon Scarfe from Cinch
  • DJ Programma and LYP returned to House Finesse after a few months
  • Loads of new IFTTT automation recipes including toilet tracker with iOS button and Siri, Coinbase transactions to Google Sheets, Trakt (TV) watch list to Sheets and Instagram posts to this blog
  • Posted Bitesize #3 – a better quality version from the home office setup, wrapping up my week (and missed last week due to the long weekend break)
  • Started compiling an “Origins” mix for House Finesse, mixing and mashing dance classics with their original samples
  • Setup some RSS to Twitter IFTTT recipes to automate some ComedyPods content
  • Rescoped Super Rams into a potential metaverse/DeSo experience for our Derby County community