Engineering Manager at ASOS (formerly Ant Group, Yahoo! and UEFA), podcast producer & community creator.

Over the past three decades, I’ve found myself absorbed in tech, pushing the boundaries in creative and inspiring ways. Through those years, I’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands including ASOS, Yahoo and UEFA, focused predominantly on Web technology (but not exclusively).

During the Noughties, the Web 2.0 movement was a fascinating time to be part of Web development. I found myself working with some of the biggest names in the industry, establishing and demonstrating new and innovative methods such as adopting Microformats across sports sectors. Highlights included international press coverage of, ongoing growth with, even securing a contract with UEFA syndicating their vast amounts of data in innovative formats.

With the rise of social media, I’ve always been keen to explore the opportunities they offer (often seen as an “early adopter”). I’m a big fan of community projects, sharing passions and skills to create thriving environments. Whether it’s a growing football fanbase in @DerbyCounty, niche music audience of the House Finesse podcast or local tech user-group like Multipack, I’m continually finding new ways to bring people together to make technology collaborative.

Since 2016, I’ve shifted my focus to leading others in tech, adopting Agile principles and methodologies to help deliver high-end software solutions. I find inspiring others to channel their energy and enthusiasm can be much more rewarding, demonstrating Lean thinking along with Scrum or Kanban frameworks where suitable.

Finally, I’m all about giving back – speaking at conferences and meetups about the things I’ve learned, coaching others to be better selves, writing guest publications – inspiring people around me to embrace technology and their own abilities.

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