A quicker Weekly, getting my head down on content alongside a much-needed office trip to London.

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Life 👨🏽

  • Back on fitness with tabata, glute stretches and PT
  • Sick child to factor around life plans

Work 🏢

Sides 💻

Tech 🤓

  • Geofencing on smart cameras (Ring)
  • Looking for better USB-C hub

Entertainment 🎭

  • 🎥 Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody ★★★
  • 📺 Welcome to Chippendales (Disney+) ★★★
  • 📕 Shifted by Ken Warner
  • 🎧 Building Lasting Habits with ATOMIC HABITS by Faith Metobo on Blinkist http://blinki.st/c50b0fb37266


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