The awkward follow-up to the pilot episode of my weekly ramblings about life, work, sides, entertainment and now tech.

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Show Notes


  • No official sponsors or ads – nobody suitable despite offers
  • Newsletter now available
  • Stickers for suggestions and feedback

Life 👨🏽

  • Mrs J home from hospital
  • Zero fitness due to time
  • New Marshall T-shirt from Depop
  • HelloFresh vegetarian for a few weeks
    • Korma-Glazed Tofu Wraps and Chips with Kachumber Inspired Salad and Yoghurt
    • Chermoula Cauliflower on Harissa Lentils with Roasted Tomatoes, Garlic Ciabatta and Cheese
    • Cheesy Chipotle Bean Quesadillas with Tomato & Rocket Salad and Soured Cream

Work 🏢

  • Good chat with Agile James about team focus and sharing responsibilities (plus kanban training for 22 & counting)
  • Tech Blog – 2023 Edition is coming with Medium redesign
  • Editing Tech Pod episodes again
  • ND talks planned for ND Week in March

Sides 💻

  • Recorded MLW S10E01 with Sam & Mike
  • Setup Weekly’s channels (blog, pod, YouTube, Apple, Spotify)
  • Created another WP site for stepdad’s 60th
  • On The Side 2023 goals huddle with Sam H and Sam K
  • LYP’s resident Ethno mix at Bachannalia
  • Reviewed domain portfolio (costs and value, 16 @ £142/yr)

Tech 🤓

Entertainment 🎭

🎥 The Banshees of Inisherin on Disney+ ★★★★
📕 The Anunnaki Mystery (The Kwan Thrillers #6) by Ken Warner ★★★
📕 Big Podcast by David Hooper ★★★
📺 Soulmates (Prime) ★★★