Week 52 of 2020 brings festive surgery, creamed spinach, smelly nightwear, another running challenge, disco stems, Die Hard, Zoom panto and animations.


  • Worked until Monday lunch, tidying up some last minute project curveballs
  • Relieved Mrs J’s abdominal surgery went to plan (if a little longer than expected)
  • Ran around the village dropping off last minute gifts (personalised baubles)
  • Celebrated Christmas like any other year despite lockdown & exceptions
  • Introduced Jamie’s creamed spinach bake to my traditional festive feast (see featured images)
  • Stacked up five Amazon returns including stinky nightwear, an inadequate stereo & duplicate wish list items
  • Took the family for a Starbucks drive-thru to get “outdoors”
  • Signed up to a 75km running January challenge for Maggie’s Centre




Zero workouts

No change on last week

5hr 58min sleep

-1hr 51min on last week (sleep tracking disabled Christmas Eve & Day)

77 TickTick actions

+15 on last week

3hr 58min screen time

+13 min on last week