Week 50 of 2020 brings a “new” home office space, disappointing print-outs, low mileage, slide prep, another podcast format, The Vision, Will Ferrell and a surge of Ticktick items.


  • Finished setup of the hipster home office
  • Ordered an antique captain’s chair on eBay
  • Disappointed in the output quality of our first Christmas letter (but sent it anyway)
  • Service and MOT on Hyundai which only clocked up 5,000mi this year (which still seems high)


  • Prepared slides for my Northants Agile lightning talk
  • Organised the first On The Side podcast recording for the new year
  • Restored FHF18 for #FinesseFriday
  • Slashed prices to cost in hope of encouraging some Teach Mugs sales
  • Filled my crate with music for the House Finesse NYE Edition



1x24min workouts

+8min on last week

7hr 45min sleep

+9min on last week

89 TickTick actions

+30 on last week

3hr 14min screen time

-30min on last week