Week 49 of 2020 brings a haircut, captain’s desk, guilds, post-lockdown drives, Multipack, funk, lightning talk prep, Michael McIntyre, Sharon Horgan, making things and a bad week for health.


  • Had a long-overdue hair trim
  • Setup the “new” captain’s desk in my new home office
  • Explored ways to roll out agile guilds effectively
  • Started plans for a “remote” Christmas work-do
  • Dropped off a surprise gift in Birmingham for our friend’s 40th
  • Wrote our first Christmas letter
  • Finished Christmas shopping with Amazon Smile
  • Slapped the bass with Yousician for the first time in weeks
  • Consumed far too many units (but it is Christmas)




1x 21min workouts

-12min (x1) on last week

7hr 36min sleep

-19min on last week

59 TickTick actions

-13 on last week

3hr 44min screen time

-2min on last week