Week 47 of 2020 brings smart Christmas trees, Zoom socials, new glasses, Teach Mugs, Bonnie Bailey, Home Alone 2 and first run since July.


  • Decorated the Christmas trees with smart plug lights
  • Enjoyed a social Zoom with old ASOS chums, James, Ed and Stu
  • Wondered how many other remote teams wind down with Friday evening social calls
  • Secured a lightning talk at Agile Northants December event
  • Picked up some new bins from Specsavers


  • Launched Teach Mugs to encouraging support on the socials
  • Struggled to produce video promotional content
  • Revived Presents… Bonnie Bailey https://www.housefinesse.com/onephatdj/presenting-bonnie-bailey/
  • Re-registered jobl.in as another vanity domain
  • Got Make Life Work on iHeart


  • Thrashed through Failosophy in a few days – great philosophies but more female oriented
  • Pizza movie night with Home Alone 2


3x27min workouts

-1 / -3min on last week

7hr 44min sleep

-11min on last week

47 TickTick actions

-3 on last week

3hr 7min screen time

-6min on last week