Week 42 of 2020 is a quiet week with some shopping, David Attenborough, bass lines, Dan Vinnicombe and slightly more fitness.


  • Kicked off a mammoth project at work, first one across 3 timezones
  • Braved the local clothes stores for the growing kids
  • Emptied the hot tub with a new submersible pump
  • Learned Seven Nation Army on bass in 5 minutes
  • Put the old Linksys Velop network on eBay
  • Seriously impressed by Sam Mendes’ endless shot in 1917 (on Prime)
  • Motivated to go (mostly) vegetarian following David Attenborough’s A Life On Our Planet
  • Played The Vision’s Missing on loop all weekend and preordered it on vinyl



  • Worked out an average of 30m every day (+7m)
  • Slept an average of 7h 30m every night (-34m)
  • Completed 55 Ticktick actions (-4)
  • Had 42 Zoom meetings (+2), organising 23 (+5) of them
  • Mobile screen time 3h 34m every day (-3m)