More outlining this week, trying to keep things simple after reading Dan Mall’s succinct WeekNotes plus I’m now trialling some personal metrics I’m curious of.


  • Stopped in Rushton Hall for Mrs J’s 40th; fantastic food and decor, not enough time for spa though.
  • Dined with dinosaurs at Jurassic Grill in Kettering
  • Bought drinks with QR codes at Kino Lounge
  • Received my Bowie painting from Mike Hince
  • Smashed out 4 HIIT workouts with Joe Wicks and Caroline
  • Drank half a bottle of lager Friday evening and felt the consequences Saturday morning



  • Worked out an average of 27mins every day
  • Slept an average of 7h16m every night
  • Completed 50 Ticktick actions (-1 on last week)
  • Had 40 Zoom meetings, organising 17 of them
  • Mobile screen time down 37%, averaging 3h30m every day

(I want to make these metrics more visual going forward – I’ll do some digging around for suitable WordPress blocks / plugins that help)