Week 38 of 2020 brings a brand new Make Life Work website, Funky House Finesse revival, more HIIT with Wicks, oily fish, team reshuffles, Discovery Sport, Dennis Nilsen, Gmail sibling tricks, Zoom hacks and Apple major update frustrations.

Let’s keep things relatively simple this week with some brief outlining and tweet-bait:

  • Main side project focus this week has been preparing the start of Make Life Work S04 with edit of Liz Elcoate’s episode and launching the new website. Both went to plan, despite some media 404’s on the WordPress Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin which required a last minute switch to Blubrry’s PowerPress.
  • #FinesseFriday is still going strong as well, this week revisiting the Funky House Finesse debut show. The hashtag was meant to be a Summer thing but I’m going to keep going considering social engagements and downloads seem to be quite healthy from it.
  • Fitness is getting back on track with two more Joe Wicks HIIT sessions this week. Unfortunately, I have noticed my bones feeling quite stiff recently so need to proceed carefully. In the mean time, glucosamine with Omega-3 ordered on Prime plus oily fish in the weekly food shop as an additional aide.
  • With work, focus is on new team prep, getting the Product and Tech Leads aligned on direction along with clearing up the scope boundaries. We’re also lining up announcements for the SDLC to get the whole of Tech and Product onboard.
  • Saturday, we took delivery of the new Discovery Sport after last week’s Cazoo order. Fantastic customer service from Darren (our delivery specialist) plus the vehicle is definitely an upgrade to “Disco Daisy” (our previous model).
  • Entertainment wise, we’ve got into ITV’s Des – a dramatisation about Dennis Nilsen, featuring some fantastic acting from David Tenant and Co and thrilling story-telling.

Tweets of Worth

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