This year, I am putting my name forward as a non-target candidate for the Daventry ward Green Party in the local elections on 7th May.

Who am I?

The Jobling Family

I’m Simon Jobling (aka Si), father of two with my wonderful teacher wife Lizzie. I have lived in Crick for nearly 10 years but also grew up as a teenager in East Hunsbury so know the area well and want the best for it.

By day, I commute to London as a Software Delivery Lead, supporting tech teams in delivering new products to market. Whilst my role requires plenty people contact, I try to work from home once or twice a week to reduce travel and find a healthy balance with my children during their crucial years of school.

Outside of work, I enjoy challenging myself with health, fitness and side projects. I love getting to know people individually, often over a beer, wine or G&T. Good food, the occasional football and rugby match and house music are some of my weaknesses too.

Why Stand?

For the past decade, I’ve been frustrated by the two major parties dominating the political landscape, specifically the Tory stronghold for our local constituency. I’ve never agreed with their policies or general direction so opted for Lib Dems then Greens (where possible) in all the local elections, with obvious disappointment of the results every time.

In 2019, I decided to register as a Green Party member – the only party I believe have a clear focus and direction for our country. Brexit has been the main topic of politics for the past 4 years, completely neglecting the issues that matter – our planet. I’ve always spoke passionately how we should remain in the EU for the reasons I have as well understand why leavers have theirs. I like to hear both sides of the argument but always struggled to understand the so-called benefits of splitting up with our closest friends and neighbours.

Sian Berry and Caroline Lucas have made it clear how they stand on both these topics, something many other politicians could learn from.

When the Northants Green Party asked for non-target candidates in the 2020 local election, I decided it was time to step up and put myself forward.

My Motivation

The five main things I’m standing for are;

  1. Improved eco facilities
  2. Encourage remote working
  3. Reduced and safer traffic
  4. No to HS2
  5. Support local and sustainable trade

(TODO: Elaborate on what these are and why)

The first step is to get enough nominations from local supporters for my name to be on the paper. These can be friends, family, neighbours – anybody who’s registered to vote. If you know me and support me with this journey, get in touch and we can talk. Once I reach ten signatures, the next stage can begin.

Contact Me

I can be found on most social networks as @sijobling but spend most my time on Twitter as @Si nowadays.

If you prefer more conventional methods, email [email protected] or mobile 07455 314127 – I’d love to hear from you, even meet up in person if possible.

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