Unedited, unadulterated ramblings from the morning and evening drive, pre-empting and reflecting on the day’s events.

Recorded on the 10 minute drive to and from the train station, Si rants about the life of a thirtysomething web developer working in London.

Covering a range of topics but expect guff about the world of web development, soaked in social media, tech news and other business-related nonsense.

Undoubtedly touch on stories from home as well; the typical happenings from a relatively dramatic family setting.

Recorded and distributed with Voice Recorder Pro handsfree using Apple earbuds and mic in the car (you will hear engines and indicators in the background with the occasional distraction).

Shared on iTunes, soundcloud.com/sijobling and youtube.com/sijobling.

Tweet your thoughts to @Si with hashtag #verbaldiary.

Obligatory disclaimer: thoughts and ramblings don’t reflect those of any companies mentioned including employers. There is the occasional expletive, apologies up front. Rights reserved to edit or remove any content at any time.

Daily podcast gathering my thoughts from the morning and evening drive time, planning for and reflecting on the day into 10 minutes of nonsense.

Every day, I drive to and from Rugby train station for my commute to London. I used to tune in to BBC Radio 4 to get the daily headlines but found myself getting increasingly anxious or angry over the negative news pouring out the speakers. Rarely would a day go by when politics or terrorist attacks wouldn’t tarnish the mood of the day. I found this counter-intuitive to feeling positive and productive.

Using the voice memos app on my iPhone, I started to record my ramblings for personal gratification. The journey takes around 10 minutes, enough time to gather my thoughts. A lot of the contents are nonsensical, even ranty, but I always try to find a “lesson learnt” from it all. Amongst all that verbal diarrhoea, there was a takeaway.

Verbal Diarya was born. (Y’see what I did there? I do love a bit of word play.)

What to expect?

The format is very simple. I’m resisting the urge to apply endless post-production, editing out the “ers”, “ums” and occasional swearing. I want this to come across as a simple and authentic audio podcast. After producing the House Finesse podcast for over ten years, it goes against everything I believe in but this is for a different audience and intention.

Voice memos are recorded with either basic Apple headphones or the handsfree car audio system (ideally the former for improved quality). The voice memos are then automatically posted to Soundcloud which I’ll then manually tag within a few days for some loose taxonomy.

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Get involved

I’m hoping other people will learn something from the ramblings as well as the point of it all. This is why I’ve decided to make it public.

I’d love to hear back from anyone who tolerates my thoughts and has some feedback. Try to make it constructive – trolling isn’t tolerated – but, if it honestly winds you up, let me know how I could possibly improve things (or just stop listening).

Fire me (@Si) a tweet with hashtag #vb so I can find your tweet amongst my spammy @reply stream or reply to the posts directly on Soundcloud – whichever works for you.

Mandatory disclaimer

Obviously, the content (warts and all) is a mind-dump of my daily habits. The thoughts are mine and don’t reflect those of my employers. Any references to third parties are typically anonymised. If necessary, I may have to remove content to avoid unnecessary legal cases.