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@Rachael You’re more natural with your VO’s – you can tell when mine is scripted.

in reply to Rachael — 8:16am May 26 2021 —

@anna_debenham Were there many others in the office with you? I’m heading to one of ours tomorrow but hopefully with just a small few.

in reply to anna_debenham — 7:17pm May 25 2021 —

I’m looking for some football fans from around the globe to user test a new web app I’ve been working on for…

6:49pm May 25 2021 —

@andybudd They’re all pre-recorded although I do wonder if a live stream would be possible.

in reply to andybudd — 12:53pm May 25 2021 —

Smashed out my first Apple Fitness+ workout at lunch.

20minute HIIT session, played on the iPad Pro, audio on (lo…

12:42pm May 25 2021 —

Get your own Iceland jumper – genius! #Eurovision

10:25am May 23 2021 —

Jobling household is going:

3. Iceland 🇮🇸 #unicorns
2. Bulgaria 🇧🇬 #sandy
1. Malta 🇲🇹 #epic

#Eurovision #AllTheHashtags

9:22pm May 22 2021 —

That’s where Brian Harvey went #NOR #Eurovision

8:42pm May 22 2021 —

She’s killed Orville! #Eurovision

8:30pm May 22 2021 —

Right Said No #LTU #Eurovision

8:28pm May 22 2021 —