FACT: there is no such thing as the perfect website.

You can get close, you can even set trends by which others will copy. But virtually all websites can improve conversion or customer engagement with a little calculated time and effort.

Having worked in the web industry for the past 20 years, I’ve learned quite a few tricks in my time. With a strong head for user experience design and solid understanding of tech implementation, I have a well-balanced discipline across a range of topics.

I am now offering to share my knowledge with the world (for a nominal but fair price) in the shape of 3 different levels; Surgery, Consultation and Workshop.

Session Time Description Price
Surgery 30 minutes Resolve any outstanding issues you are aware of with some viable solutions off the back of it. £30
Consultation 60 minutes Go over your current online presence and highlight several areas for improvement, short and mid-term. £50
Workshop 3 hours A full evening workshop where we review your entire online presence, identify top 5 issues to address and get the ball rolling on urgent/quick wins. £100

Sessions are booked through third party provider, Calendly. Once you have picked your slot, you will be sent to PayPal for payment.

Bookings require payment up front but can be cancelled up to 12 hours before the session at which point you can receive a full refund or rearrange to a more suitable time.