A podcast talking to people from around tech about balancing work, life and side projects.

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Welcome along to a brand new podcast called Make. Life. Work.

I am Si Jobling (@Si on Twitter ) and, on this show, I will be talking to a selection of good friends from around the tech community about how they balance work, life and side projects.

A few years back, I had a chat with Simon Hamp about the state of social media. The conversation felt more natural than me talking alone. That form actually prompted me to setup the Verbal Diary podcast which I now create with James Norton.

Recently, I was reviewing the user stats on my website and I noticed that the conversation with Simon was one of the most popular posts which suggested the format had a bit more traction than the others. I have been considering reviving that format over the past few months so this information encouraged me to actually give it a go.

🗓️ Season 2 will be released weekly from Monday 17th February 2020.

👥 The Line-Up

Season 1

Make. Life. Work. with Dom Hodgson
Dom Hodgson
Make. Life. Work. with Sam Hardacre
Sam Hardacre
Make. Life. Work. with Rachel Shillcock
Rachel Shillcock
Make. Life. Work. with Dan Blundell
Dan Blundell
Make. Life. Work. with Mike Hince
Mike Hince

Season 2

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