This document forms a public guide to identify my reading audience as I take on a new writing challenge for 2022. It’s using the One Hour Content Plan by Meera Kothand.

My goal is to write more appropriate content for an audience that benefits from my knowledge and experience after working in tech over the past two decades and keeping my passion for side projects. As a leader and project manager, I bring a number of working theories and methodologies together that tend to help my focus, motivation and productivity (or don’t – it’s ok to fail!)

What group do you want to help? 👥

People who enjoy technology, even if they don’t necessarily work in it full-time, and want to make something new. They won’t necessarily have advanced expert skills, but at least an interest.

In what area do you want to help them or in what area do they struggle that you believe you can help them? 🗯

Use my knowledge and experience in tech to show how to make something as a side project. Full time jobs and personal circumstances often bring challenges and distractions. We need to factor in our capacity and commitment, ensuring we enjoy the project along the way and feel the benefit of a finished product.

Reader Journey 🗺

What are your readers going through?Struggling to find the time to make side projects; rarely finish projects if they’re even started; getting frustrated or even depressed Able to find the time; see projects through to completion; enjoy the process without guilt or stress
What do your readers feel?Frustration, tired, stress, depressionSatisfaction, energised, relieved, happy
What thoughts run through their minds?What am I trying to do? When will I fit it in? Why am I bothering? I know what to do. I’ve got a plan. I can see the purpose.
Driver of Change (DoC) model for Si

Reader Personas 👤


James's avatar

30something male from UK, 2 kids (boy 7, girl 2), married, web developer for a small company, mostly remote. More of a night owl than a morning person. 

Loves spending time with family, playing and enjoying days out at the weekend. Evenings spent winding down with wife in front of TV watching movies and box sets. His large TV and laptop are his most valuable items. 

Uses Twitter and Instagram most of the day for social contact and following news/trends. Often visits IMDB, Letterboxd and Trakt for movie and TV recommendations based on his tastes. 

Goal for the year is to make a web app for sharing his TV & movie viewing habits with friends. In 3 years, he’d like it to provide a second income so he can reduce his permanent job to part-time. 

His main blocker is lack of time. He might find an hour or two in the evening but weekends are a write-off with family commitments. He gets frustrated seeing workmates and people online making cool things so quickly and easily. 

James values giving back to society, special time with his family and learning new tech. He visits this site to find out how to build tech in a timely manner that’s aligned to his values and goals. 


Antonia's avatar

20something female from US, single with no kids, freelance designer, works from home or co-working spaces. Generally up early except weekends. 

Spends most her spare time reading, exercise every day, eating out with friends to socialise and discover new food. She goes nowhere without her iPad Pro and Pencil, not forgetting her pencil case and pad. 

Uses LinkedIn occasionally for network-building and Pinterest for inspiration. Spends a lot of time on Amazon and Etsy browsing craft products and tools. 

Goal for the year is to sell personalised wedding gifts online. After 3 years, she’d like to venture into other markets such as birthdays and newborns. 

She struggles to know where to start, how to get any sales and whether it’s even worth it. She gets frustrated with all the other competitors online and locally along with the fact she just can’t seem to find the motivation. 

Antonia values her wellbeing, close friends and enjoying the process of making things with her hands. She visits this site to understand who her audience might be and how best to engage with them.

Brand Voice ✍️

Attribute MarkersDo’sDon’tsExpressions
Honest but not hurtfulHonest about mistakes and failures. Keep promises and pride on rapid friendly responses.Oversell or hard sell. Push what shouldn’t be read or listened to. Use emoji and acronyms to compliment mood but only once at a time
Bold but not arrogantUnafraid to challenge the status quo in my niche. Unapologetic for contrary opinion. Explain rationale based on evidence. Use jargon. Use unsupported claims. From my experience…
Professional but personalConsider the audience are seeking clear advice from an experienced professional. Add some personality into the language with some sarcasm and dad humour.Be rude. Be naive. Be patronising.Geeks, noobs, obvs.
Fun but not fluffyExpressive. Use names to call out my people.Use excessive expletives. Use passive voice. Until next time.
ADDE Examples for Si


Mini Coops in house style duotone

Content Tilt 👓

[TODO: Competitor analysis to identify any unique angles from the side project community]