Recently, it has come up a few times with friends, colleagues and an Indiehackers thread about what kit I use to make podcasts so, in the interests of DRY, I thought a blog post was in order.

Naturally, tools and equipment have evolved over time so this is my setup for 2022 whilst producing Make Life Work S09, 10 years of House Finesse (not forgetting 7 years of One Phat DJ and Funky House Finesse) and the start of our ASOS Tech Podcast.

Let’s get into it…

  • Organise with – an open source equivalent to Calendly
  • Record with Zencastr (free solution for individual voices files) and Ableton (for mixing music)
  • Kit include Samson Q2 mic, AirPods and MacBook Pro – a trusted affordable mic with my reliable Apple suite
  • Produce with Descript – GarageBand has served me well but Descript provides a simpler, streamlined UX with the added benefit of automatic transcriptions (plus much more)
  • Artwork with Canva – web and iOS app for convenient (animated) graphics I can create on the move
  • Hosting with Pinecast – affordable hosting for as many podcasts you need with Hi-Fi addon for House Finesse audio
  • Publish with EasyWP – all the websites use WordPress which I now host with Namecheap’s affordable hosting solution
  • Promote with Buffer – all the socials (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) are broadcast from a single point which can be scheduled and spread out over time to improve engagement