I thought I’d try a shorter “month notes” format this month, covering all the main areas but as list items. Let’s see how it goes.

Work 🏢

  • Returned to the Birmingham office, the first time “in house” for 14 months – all safe but very strange experience
  • Met Annette, a fellow new Engineering Manager to brainstorm some ideas
  • Explored the use of Trello boards to help engineers plan and track personal development plans along with profiling tools to understand behaviours and personalities
  • Recruited our first engineer headcount as a team, one of the most seamless interviews I’ve ever experienced
  • Setup a fortnightly Lightning Talks ⚡️ series for our engineers to share recent learnings; first on Bitcoin, second on functional programming
  • Returned to the Birmingham office to meet Tori, another new EM, for introductions IRL
  • Introduced a “monthly focus” for peer (360) feedback in teams, encouraging faster-feedback and rapid personal development
  • Promising feedback from the second month in the new(ish) job, thanks to vocal people responding to my feedback requested
  • Recorded a Racket with Gareth about personal development plans
  • Setup a Microsoft Power Automate process to generate permission/access emails and create development plans for newstarters

Home 🏡

  • Lovely family trip to Woburn’s Centre Parcs for first bank holiday weekend including plenty outdoor activities and (uphill) cycling
  • Picked up a new(ish) Mini One to get me around now lockdown is easing and travel is more likely
  • Setup the novelty Apple Air Tag with the new car keys to realise precision is ruined in our thick walled house
  • Obsessed over a TV show being recorded in the house (for sale) over the road
  • Made the most of our local gym & pool, racking up quite a few swimming sessions and hitting a 1,500m record
  • Restarted tattoo research for inspiration and local talent – now considering a record player illustration at Revelation Northampton
  • Dad Camp returned following the COVID hiatus with lots of fire, fun & games, drinking and scorching sunshine (plus custom t-shirts from Printful)

Sides 👷‍♂️

  • Designed and built the MVP foundations of Football Cal with thanks to my On The Side support and feedback
  • No Multipack this month – demand seems low so now considering alternative ways of engaging
  • #FinesseFriday continued with weekly editions, culminating in a special guest mix from Paul Hutchinson
  • Re-registered funkyhousefinesse.com and onephatdj.co.uk to support the audio idents from the archives
  • Started plans for Make Life Work Season 6 inviting a range of people along to talk with a new project-specific format
  • Setup a Goodreads RSS syndication to my Reading section

Entertainment 🎭

  • Down and Out in London and Paris by George Orwell 📕
  • There’s No Place Like Home by Edan Lepucki 📕
  • Coach The Person Not The Problem by Chad Hall 📕
  • Animal Farm by George Orwell 📕
  • Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir 📕
  • Groove Is In The Heart on 7” vinyl 🎶
  • Mare of Easttown on Sky (HBO) 📺
  • Motherland on BBC 📺
  • Keeping Faith on BBC 📺
  • Karate Kid 🎥
  • Uncle Buck 🎥