I was recently asked by Mac Format on my thoughts of the new Mac Pro. Here are my words…

We’re a Microsoft house at ASOS for our backend stack but some of the UI engineers prefer using Apple equipment. After weighing up the options, the MacBook Pro spec was more than sufficient to run a heavyweight Windows VM without performance issues plus the added benefit of native Mac tools.

Similarly, I find the hardware on laptops and desktops far exceed what we used to require for AV production as I’m regularly producing high quality music on my travels now rather than in the studio of yesteryear.

I’d find it hard to put forward a business case to justify spending £2.5k+ on a machine that is virtually redundant with current portable technology at a grand less other than “Look how sexy it is? And that promo site!”

I wasn’t the only one to question whether the beast was suitable for most offices. Grab a copy of Mac Format #246 in digital or print to find out what the others thought.