June was fun-packed with plenty weekends out, the start of Make Life Work S09, an unexpected surge of blog posts about line management and side projects, plenty fitness including the first 10km run in a year and some new EM’s to work with.



  • Started plans for our wedding vows renewal on our anniversary this year, all to be hosted in our local church and pub
  • Thoroughly enjoyed Cambridge Club 2022 festival with Jacksons and Chic headlining alongside Mica Paris and Brand New Heavies
  • The Boy completed his first overnight DofE expedition around Southam
  • Spent fathers day with dad and the kids around the bbq and shooting hoops
  • Cancelled Fibre To The Property installation after realising how complicated it was to the building entrance points and nearest telegraph pole – apparently a common problem for Openreach as providers don’t evaluate conditions thoroughly enough
  • Got back into some serious fitness, even ran my first 10km in over a year


  • Welcomed EM Jen to our teams, along with my old mate Adrian from the Customer Profile world
  • First trip to Birmingham in a while to meet Jen and Tori in person
  • Summer afternoon of fun with the whole department in Regents Park – I was caught out on first hit of rounders game but amazing to spend quality time with teams in the searing sunshine
  • Said goodbye to line managing Niz, Joel & Guillem but hello to Dean, Doug, Venks & Loukas
  • Started outlining a blog post with EMHub about PETALS
  • First hybrid Tech Cascade since lockdown, momentous occasion with new CEO Jose kicking things off to some promising initial thoughts