This month saw a productive and successful month at work, plenty days out, more Apple Fitness and plenty TV shows.


  • Passed 3 month probation which highlighted how many wins I’ve already got in the role
  • Hosted our first online Pub Quiz to try improve morale across multiple teams
  • Arranged Euro 2020 sweepstake but got England in the “random” generator
  • Some great Lightning Talks ⚡️ including one from Sunny about Azure Devops to GitHub
  • My manager arranged a remote wine-tasting session with Kiss Of Wine – great fun… plus wine 🍷
  • Four trips to London and Birmingham offices to get back in the swing of commuting plus much-needed team face-to-face time
  • Last Friday was Wellbeing Day – a gift from ASOS to give all permanent staff a day’s rest. My plans for a swim were scuppered so resorted to the hot tub
  • Experiments with LinkedIn post formats to engage with audiences reached a climax with 15K impressions and 500 reactions (promoting wellbeing day)


  • First weekend away with Mrs J since October to Peak District – disappointing Wowcher hotel but beautiful days out to local nature
  • Murder Mystery “geo-cache” tour around Birmingham with friends cut short for preferred booze
  • Red flag on Green Flag cover when Mini broke down but repatriation cost double and took days (thankful for tracking with Apple Airtag though)
  • The Boy wrapped up his football career with last few games for local club after nearly 10 years and impressive final performance for the entire team
  • Started Apple Fitness+ subscription to try more home exercises
  • Tried a couple 5K runs following 2 months of orthotics training – still causing my knees and soles grief though
  • Beer festival at local Weedon Bec Roman Way brewery brought much needed sun and fun


  • Football Cal was launched for the Euro 2020 competition with regular content updates and reasonable traffic (using Netlify and Plausible to avoid Google cookie warnings)
  • Make Life Work Season 6 started with huge downloads on Rob Manuel and Chris Heilmann episodes
  • #FinesseFriday continued to support growth on regular downloads, now seeing 1K+ weekly
  • House Finesse Summer House ‘21 was made and released, a full 2 hour set from myself this time
  • On The Side Directory was revived thanks to reminders from Sam and Holly
  • Time Journal has been paused to see if it makes any difference to Get Things Done


  • Breeders on Now TV
  • Alien on Prime
  • Workin’ Moms S5 on Netflix
  • Clarkson’s Farm on Prime
  • Waynes World on Prime
  • Euro 2020 (obvs)
  • Mare of Easttown on NowTV
  • Pixar’s Luca on Disney+
  • In The Heights at Cineworld
  • Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
  • Perfect Startup by Andrii Sedniev
  • Fast Focus by Damon Zahariades