ASOS Alumni on Make Life Work, tons of new vinyl for the Archive Collection, plenty live music at Dad Camp, Finsbury Park and Princess’ performance, major milestone with a work project and a “quiet” week to myself.


  • Renewed and MakeLife.Work for another year as I try to reduce my (unused) domain portfolio, focusing on those that are actually used
  • Enjoyed our first ever House Finesse group call with Disco77 and Black Dynamite, reminiscing over old tunes, moaning about modern music


  • Great fun on our annual Dad Camp trip, this time with a full weekend of music cover acts including an epic Whitney Houston finale 
  • Enjoyed my birthday off with a healthy swim, record shop dig at Weedon Antique Village and cheeky lunch at Bacco Lounge
  • Blown away by Princess’ drumming debut performance at school, she’s a natural!
  • Saw George Ezra and friends at Finsbury Park with Princess and her BFF’s family – great day out but hardly knew the support acts
  • Smart ForFour died on the way back from a school play with the alternator failing us
  • Finalised details for our Wedding Vows Renewal on our 17th anniversary next month
  • Quiet week alone with the whole family holidaying on Essex coast, spending much of it listening to records 


  • Released our first ASOS Tech Podcast episode with Craig & Albino talking to Nat & Lewis about open source followed up by Emma’s Day In The Life Of
  • Fascinating workshop with other tech leaders understanding our personality types with the Insights Discovery framework – turns out I’m 💚💛💙❤️
  • Hired another software engineer into our Stock & Fulfilment team
  • Had a coaching session with Jon, exploring how the GROW model can be useful
  • Started line management of 3 new engineers after handover of 3 others to a new engineering manager
  • Another great Lightning Talk from Lewis J about accepting Bitcoin with BTC Pay
  • Announced the Tech Podcast to all of engineering with some entertaining audiograms created in Descript
  • Enjoyed Dawn’s ADHD Tech Develops session followed by an impromptu session demonstrating how to publish podcast content in Pinecast