In a month of football disappointment, epic tattoos, bargain audiophile finds, giving back at work, season 6 finale for Make Life Work and a summer holiday.


  • Got all teams together since starting in March; one team social and two-team platform “away day” (first time in the office for over a year, ever for some newstarters)
  • Vibe survey focus group to explore and act on popular concerns across our engineering teams
  • Supporting STEMettes initiative with a couple Summer School takeover days encouraging young girls into tech
  • Fantastic “Forgotten Women of STEM” Lightning Talk from Nat
  • Setup demo podcast for our Tech teams


  • Returned to Warwick’s Pub In The Park for an afternoon of alcohol, good food, Noasis and Fine Young Cannibals frontman, Roland
  • Birthday presents included 10kg dumbbells, bath robe, Chic on vinyl and plenty boxes of beer #ShowingMyAge
  • Epic new arm tattoo for birthday present from Mrs J #UnderTheNeedle
  • Picked up an old Technics stacks hifi from local Facebook marketplace deal
  • Holiday to Seaton in East Devon including:
    • Beach time at Lyme Regis, Seaton and Beer
    • Amusement rides at Crealey on Monday
    • More cave history in Beer on Sunday
    • Mini railways at Pecorama on Saturday
    • Dinosaurs at Seaton Jurassic on Sunday
    • Tram to Colyton on Monday
    • Two days working due to lack of annual leave


  • Concluded Make Life Work Season 6 with Chris Murphy and Lorna Mitchell
  • Wrapped up Euro 2020 on Football Cal, followed by some user analysis thanks to Plausible
  • Call with Shari from On The Side coffee roulette
  • Setup a Google Sheet to track my cryptocurrency portfolio
  • Refined my pension tracker from all previous employment contributions
  • Guest mix from Paul Velocity for #FinesseFriday


Watched 📺

Read 📖

  • Solar War (Long Winter #2)
  • PRIMER goal setting model
  • New Eden, Part 1 and 2