For years, I’ve found inspiration and useful links through regular email newsletters. It’s a trusted format that has just worked for years despite shifts in tech and media consumption (remember Google Reader? #RIP)

I generally like to keep my inbox as clear as possible – inbox zero if you will – but I do like the fact I can dip in and catch up on email at my own leisure rather than constantly scanning Twitter (which has lately become a minefield of political opinion and satire – maybe I should tidy up my following list?). Combined with Google Inbox grouping, it’s quite easy to keep focus on important emails and hide newsletters until evenings or weekends.

Here, I’ve gathered together my favourite sources of tech and design newsletters which, I hope, others will too.


One of the most inspirational sources for all things design in Web, Pedro Botelho brings us a delightful collection of articles and links to spark that inner creative.

Web Design Weekly

Thursday brings us Jake Bresnehan‘s weekly selection of links covering front-end tech with a variety of design and development topics covered.


Another Thursday newsletter, this time from Cozmoslabs covering all things WordPress. I’ve long been a fan of the most popular CMS on the Web so like to keep in touch with the latest general news, plugins, themes and tutorials. This one does a cracking job of summarising it all.

Web Designer Depot

A weekly summary of some of the hottest topics across the Web design community, again distributed on Thursday (something tells me Wednesday is a good day to announce new stuff).

UX Notebook

Sarah Doody puts a lot of effort into gathering her weekly thoughts on all things UX including some links to other content. Fascinating if you’ve got an interest in usability and the reason behind we make the things we do.


Published every Friday, Sagi Shrieber and David Tintner bring together a healthy mix of their design, development and entrepreneurship findings from around the Web – the ideal blend for me.

Smashing Newsletter

To compliment the fantastic webzine full of  thorough and interesting web topics, the weekly newsletter compiled by the Editorial Team is a nice overview of some hot topics the community have been discussing recently along with (shameless) plugs to their own content and courses.