Calibrating energy prices, night out out in Birmingham, responsible MP’s, all the feedback for mid-years, driving recruitment, WMC mixes, record F1 traffic and the art of personal improvement.


  • Challenged Ovo Energy on incorrect electric estimates now we know from the new smart meter average consumption is about £35-40/week
  • Saw Dylan Moran at Birmingham’s Alexandria along with dinner at Comptoir Libanais and breakfast at Cosy Club
  • Contacted our local MP to support a major update on NG73 guidelines for endometriosis care, got an automated response saying they don’t support EDM’s then a long personal message to say he would definitely follow up in parliament
  • 4× runs and 2× workouts but sustained steady weight with less variation


  • Completed 15 mid-year reviews for all my direct reports, asking a brand new question “If you were to leave tomorrow, what would be the main reason?” to observe any trends or actions within our remit
  • Recorded another podcast episode on event driven architecture with Amrish & Sarah, Lewis and Nat
  • London trip for an Orders platform huddle, 2 interviews and an EM IRL(ish) huddle to review our cross-cutting initiatives
  • Piloted my PETALS feedback framework on a few engineering teams to see promising results
  • Started experimenting with custom fields on Trello cards to track recruitment candidates 
  • Setup an Excel document to track and visualise engineer participation on recruitment pipeline 
  • Confirmed my first hire on the new process – but a long way to go finding 10 more this FY
  • Refreshed a Microsoft Planner to track and visualise Tech Blog content submissions from around the tech community with all steps on the funnel
  • In-house podcast production time with Lewis to share the load going forward (with a quick play on his DDJ-400’s)


  • Mixed and released my Spring Break ’22 mix on House Finesse after reviving Going To Miami
  • Gathered some great qualitative feedback for MLW from OTS community members and some steer from a tweet poll to understand which direction to take the podcast and linked community
  • Connected @the.archive.collection Instagram to a dedicated Google Sheet which can be used for parsing later
  • Andy highlighted 13.5m calendar requests in 1 week on F1 Calendar’s 2022 launch weekend
  • Created an Invite Codes page to share referral links and promo codes of services I personally recommend
  • Played around with WP Custom Post Type UI to store personal data like weight on this blog (following Simon’s pointer)
  • Dumped down some ideas for an app to help facilitate speedback sessions with remote teams in Zoom (MS Teams API doesn’t currently support their breakout rooms feature)