Bar the fantastic New Adventures conference in Nottingham in January organised by  the talented Simon Collison, for some reason, the Midlands often gets overlooked when we talk about the Web industry in the UK. The “hottest” places tend to focus around the South (London, Brighton and Bristol) and North (Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle). Rarely do you hear of large scale events occurring in the UK’s so-called “Second City” of Birmingham. Why this is, we’ll never know but as a creative evangelist of the region (co-founding the Multipack), I’m keen to change this and raise the Midlands’ digital profile.

Throughout the Summer months, I’ll be visiting a variety of design/Web/creative agencies around the West Midlands as part of a Design Tour of The Midlands to promote agencies in the region and find out how they work.

There are several reasons for this tour:

  • raise the profile of local agencies to emphasise the talent in The Midlands
  • ask the agencies how they compete against the bigger agencies in more popular design regions of the UK
  • get out of the isolated office to bounce ideas off peers, finding solutions to real-world problems

All the visits will be tweeted (with hashtag #dtotm) and summarised in a blog post, promoting the agencies’ recent work as well as thoughts on the design problems discussions.

First stop will be The Higgs Design Co on Tuesday 24th May where I will be meeting Andy Higgs et al, talk about some of their recent work, what’s coming up and how to solve an existing design problem I’ve recently encountered (TBC).

I’m also planning to pop along to some of the region’s other agencies including:

If you’re another design agency reading this, interested in me visiting your offices, fire over a tweet or send an email to “simon (dot) jobling (at) gmail (dot) com” and I’ll get in touch to arrange a date.