After a 6 month hiatus and recent malware attack, my website seemed to feel a little neglected with regards to thoughts and updates.

It wasn’t for the fact nothing was happening – far from it. I had been extremely busy working on a range of projects, some personal, some clients and a lot during my daytime role at Premium Choice. That is partly the reason for the silence – simply a lack of time to focus.

Well, all that’s about to change.

Thanks to a great initiative from Chris Shiflett called “Ideas of March” – a move to take emphasis off tweeting and back on to blogging – and a little inspiration from Andy Budd “undesigning” his own website, I’ll be slowly developing my website back into something that reflects my personality more accurately, showcasing some of the products I create and the process I go through to achieve them.

Don’t get me wrong – I love Twitter. I think it’s a perfect environment for news and announcements, for intelligent debates and discussions, for light-hearted humour and wit. It encompasses everything that is open about the Web as a whole in a concise yet punctual nature. I can often be found scanning through my timeline, writing what I’m thinking, retweeting what I hear.

That said, 140 characters can only offer you so much space for thoughts. That’s when blogging comes in. Anthony has been known on several occasions to tweet he “feels a blog post coming on”, even Paul has a meter to measure when a blog post is pending after a period of rage.

I’m intending to use this space to start open debates on topics that are either close to my heart, something that I think would be of use to others. I want to get in the habit of sharing my thoughts in an open arena and the Internet is the perfect environment for that.

I’ll also be utilizing Twitter in a more practical way rather than just a soundboard (which it tends to get treated as on a regular basis). We’re all guilty of having a good rant on Twitter on occasion – there’s nothing wrong with that, you can use Twitter however you feel comfortable. That said, I want to try get something constructive out of these rants – a solution to a problem as you will.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick to my word. If I don’t, make sure you send me abuse.

(The current design is just a temporary solution while I work on something more appropriate. For the timebeing, I’ve gone for a relatively clean interface that is easy to read but with a touch of style.)