A significant month marking 17 years marriage by renewing our wedding vows with all our loved ones. Plus a holiday to Netherlands and a few side project updates.



  • Blown away by the Birmingham Commonwealth games on a Saturday afternoon of athletics over the road from Mrs J’s childhood home
  • Had the most amazing day renewing our wedding vows (on our anniversary) at our local church, followed by all the feels and celebrations at the local pub with all our family and friends
  • Relaxing and enjoyable holiday in Netherlands for 10 days including overnight ferry from Hull, wild day out at Burger’s Zoo, exciting trip to Movie Park Germany, impromptu overnight stop in Amsterdam’s Arcade Hotel after Rembrandt’s museum & canal boat trip, afternoon coffee in Emmerich and diversion through Vermeer’s Delft on return trip home
  • Trip up to Shrewsbury for a big family BBQ and party to celebrate all the Summer babies (including our own)
  • Took Princess camping locally to Manor Farm for her birthday after setting up her new electronic drum kit


  • Welcomed Tomas to our Order Management family
  • Facilitated another round of quarterly Speedback sessions in preparation for end of year reviews 
  • Met up with fellow local EM, Si for a Friday beer at his nearby Weedon Bec brewery – the first chance we’ve had all Summer
  • Commenced EOY reviews with a new GitHub guide I compiled to help structure engineers’ thoughts and reflections focused on objectives, day job, behaviours and personal development
  • Randomly asked to be on a photo shoot with some colleagues and team mates as part of a Tech brand value proposition project – watch this space!
  • Said goodbye to Viren as he packs bags for a new life in LA


  • Fight and Flight (book 4 of Magic 2.0) by Scott Meyer
  • New Threat (The Survivors #2) by Nathan Hystad