Returning to the monthly cadence after a quarter of Fortnotes with holiday highlights, family health challenges, casual side project focus and a busy month with people at work.



  • Suffered a nasty stomach bug for over a week, wiping me out for 4 days, losing 3.5kg in the process
  • Sold the caravan back to a local dealer after realising its not worth keeping
  • Mrs J broke her elbow on Easter Sunday but A&E suggested holiday travels should be fine
  • Enjoyable week in Eurocamp near Paris with 9 other family and friends – the kids in their element whilst adults relaxed at the bars
  • Setup my old decks properly to get back into some vinyl mixing 


  • Confirmed another new SE offer and recruited 3 Spartans – an outsourced graduate bootcamp for emerging talent 
  • Finished editing the first episode of the podcast before discovering Descript which could drastically improve the production time
  • Hugely successful with 2 Tech Develops sessions I organised with Lewis (Bitcoin) and Jamie (neurodiversity), the former breaking attendance records
  • “Nailed it” in mid-year rating – a fair assessment considering personal opinion and circumstances 
  • Epic office day with 3 teams, meeting new plenty faces, saying goodbye to Talent Tom, plus delicious team lunch at Dishoom


  • Lost Hope by Nathan Hystad
  • The Coaching Mindset by Chad Hall
  • Strategic Mindset by Thibaut Meurisse
  • The Event by Nathan Hystad
  • The 5 Minute To-Do List Formula by Magnus Muller