Today, a young girl will be put to rest following an unfair battle with cancer.

Eric Meyer – one of the forefathers of the modern Web – gracefully described how his 6 year old daughter Rebecca lost her life last week. The story touched a nerve with all those who know or follow him, making us realise how valuable life and our family are.

In honour of this very brave girl, the Internet have decided to do what they do best and make their voice heard through the power of social networks.

We will be posting tweets, photos and blogs with the hashtag #663399Becca, changing our profiles to her favourite colour purple (hence the geeky #663399 reference) and spreading the word.

If you haven’t done so already, you can download this PSD file to create your own purple avatar.

Personally, I’d like to keep mine for more than a day. Trends come and go but people don’t. They live on with us. Let’s make this last.